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Campus Network Division

Campus Network Division
Title Name Extension Email Duties

Wu-Chieh Lin

631-5991 wjlin@nfu.edu.tw  Network Trunks Management supervision and execution 
Deputy engineer Ya-Ting Fan 631-5988 fan@nfu.edu.tw Web Applicaction Firewall,
Web & Network load balancing,
Network Security
Assistant Hui-Ju Hsieh 631-5992 hjhsieh@nfu.edu.tw Information Security、
Intellectual Property Rights
Network Technician Yi-Jun Wang  631-5061 yjwang@nfu.edu.tw Network Trunks Management、
Network Equipments management、
Dormitory network management
System Technician Chien-Cheng Fu 631-5062 jian@nfu.edu.tw  Email、Web Servers、
Cloud Services
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